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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [build] Only run tests if something changed?
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 15:45:54 GMT
> James that is not my point.  Right now time you build all of the tests 
> run.  I would like the test to run in the default build target, but 
> only if something changed in the module.  The are a bunch of ways to 
> make this determination.  The easiest being to set a run-tests flag 
> when we compile.  Alternatively, we could check if any file in the 
> project and any dependency jar has changed since the last run.  Isn't 
> there some sweet jelly code that can do this without a new feature 
> request?

This could be a bad thing, say if a module depends on something that 
changed and breaks the module.  In this case the test would not be run 
for the module (if we were to implement that) and we might not know 
that things are broken.

I understand wanting to speed things up by trying to intelligently skip 
testing, but I think this is not really a good idea.


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