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From "Tim Anderson" <>
Subject RE: Re[2]: OpenJMS and EJB MDBs
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 15:29:57 GMT
> From: Michael Turilin []
> > A)  Use/Fork OpenJMS ?
> > C)  Implement a new JMS provider using services from Geronimo
> > (persistence, trans, etc) ?
> As I read at OpenJMS site they plan to switch the persistance
> mechanism from JDBM (???) to generic JDBC. Maybe this switch could be
> done at the same time with Geronimo refactorings and Geronimo
> persistance architecture could be used if it will be available at this
> time?

OpenJMS supports JDBC and an early version of JDBM
The JDBM support will be dropped after the next release - it doesn't scale,
and isn't particularly reliable/maintainable.

> What is the position of OpenJMS core developers about interoperability
> with Geromino and possible code bases merge? Is it possible to move
> OpenJMS to Apache?

I'm happy to support integrating OpenJMS with Geronimo. I'm not
in a position to donate the code at this stage.



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