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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: Introduction and question re: JavaMail
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 07:21:00 GMT
Good call. I suggest working with the o.a.g.mail.SMTPTransport class, 
though I think it is also desirable to have an AbstractTransport 
abstract superclass that you can descend from. If there's any common 
functionality that occurs, it can go in the AbstractTransport, which 
will make it easier to write other transports later.

I think that the code should live in the \modules\javamail\src\java, 
rather than \specs\javamail\src\java, because it's an Apache 

Note that ATM the MimeMessage class doesn't work in its entirety, so it 
might be an idea to write a dummy class for testing initially.


On Sunday, Aug 24, 2003, at 15:13 Europe/London, Simon Brooke wrote:

> On Friday 22 Aug 2003 12:54 pm, Alex Blewitt wrote:
>> There are other (larger) areas that need implementation as well; for
>> example, we don't have an SMTPTransport (or NNTPTransport), or the
>> IMAPStore or POP3Store yet. Both of these could be done separately 
>> from
>> the API being completed (though you'd probably have to test with dummy
>> messages to start with).
> I'm starting work on SMTPTransport. I assume I can reimplement as much 
> as I
> need of com.sun.mail, Should this class be
> org.apache.geronimo.mail.SMTPTransport, or is there some existing 
> package
> structure I should adhere to?
> Cheers
> Simon
> -- 
> (Simon Brooke)
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