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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Done re-factoring specs...
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 17:35:19 GMT
I am finished with the re-factor of specifications.  After running into 
a problem with the reactor with a specs module under modules/ (and lots 
of thought about where to put these babies... and a few beers) I 
decided to create a peer to modules.

The motivation behind this was to keep the build system simple, with a 
flat (okay mostly flat) module structure, but also to allow the specs 
to have separate maven project directories and not muck up the 
namespace under modules.

I really wanted to keep these separate, and not just drop them into a 
single catch-all module, so we can release these puppies separately, 
provide separate site docs and so on.  Basically I was thinking along 
the lines that specs is like commons for enterprise specifications, and 
such they are meta-modules and can and should be kept in a separate 
module structure.

Note however that the build system will aggregate modules/* and specs/* 
and it just thinks of them all as modules, not spec-modules and 
modules, blah, blah, blah.

The site documentation generation still needs to be hooked up to 
include specs.  I think we should make sure that we group the docs for 
modules and specifications in the resulting site for geronimo.  I will 
have a look to see how todo this, but I am not really that familiar 
with mavens xdocs... so I may need some help.

* * *

I have also fixed the run target to function correctly with the reactor 

I would like to eventually have the top-level project collect module 
outputs into target/* such that it will create the directory structure 
of a release.  Once that works the run target will just work off of the 
aggregated module results.

Okay, enough from me for now, have a beer to finish.


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