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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: geronimo and avalon?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 16:17:32 GMT
> Nope, no conclusion. Well, the only significant one perhaps is that 
> building a J2EE suite on top of the framework avalon provides is 
> definately possible. I am not going to get mingled in the debate of 
> whether that is a good idea (me, I think a JMX-based microkernel 
> remains a bad idea, even though it is working so well for JBoss. But 
> that's just me ;).

Can you explain why you believe that a JMX-based micro-kernel is a bad 

> Just know some of the avalon regular are listening in with an 
> interested ear to hear what's all the fuzz about ye olde Indian war 
> chief, and we're more than willing to help you evaluate what stuff (if 
> any) you want to use from the avalon project. And we can probably 
> leave y'all completely alone, too, if desired ;)

I have had a look at Avalon several times in the past and very recently 
looked over some of the web pages... and my general feeling is that it 
is too bloated and does not provide some core functionality which 
Geronimo will probably want to have.  That said, I did not make an 
extensive investigation into Avalon, just looked over some of the docs.

I am not against looking into or even using a pre-existing system such 
Avalon for the core component framework for Geronimo, but I am very 
skeptical about how feasible it will be to implement.

I am very familiar with the core systems of JBoss, and hope to 
implement a similar yet enhanced loading, component model and 
deployment system.  It does not appear that any one system has all of 
the bases covered, which would mean that we would have a lot of hacking 
work to get something integrated and functional.

Anyways, perhaps we should start out with and outline of the core 
system services for Geronimo and the requirements for each, and then we 
can see which systems may be suitable for integration.


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