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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: documentation
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 15:48:50 GMT

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 04:11  pm, Nanduri, Amarnath wrote:

> Hi James,
>      I think there should be at least a group of developers that deal
> exclusively with the documentation.

Sure. Anyone who turns up and contributes would belong to this group of  

>          Also if any person is interested in knowing the internals,  
> they
> should have the necessary documentation with UML diagrams in place and
> how everything fits together. I suggest that every group specified in
> this link
> _Topi
> cs take care of the necessary design documentation (of the source code
> along with UML diagrams) on the stuff they are working on. This will  
> let
> any new person joining the group (to contribute) get a head start on  
> the
> design and implementation. This way they will be more productive and
> also be encouraged, by having fewer hurdles to cross...

I'd be more than happy if someone found an open source tool to  
auto-generate nice UML diagrams and whatnot as part of the build  
process so that they never became stale.. Or if someone fancies doing  
it by hand now and again with some tool thats cool too.

Its a personal thing but FWIW I find the best way to learn new software  
is to browse the javadoc and look at the JUnit tests - then you see  
blocks of example code, which works, using the code.


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