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From Ed Letifov <>
Subject [code review] Ready to start writing tests?
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 20:14:54 GMT
Hello, All.

I've been reading through this list for some time now.
I'd like to mention that ideas exchanged are in fact very interesting
and in a sense teaching (?!)

As James Strachan has mentioned, the test coverage is not at all good.
Also somebody before was kind of trying to emphasize the idea that we
should really start with creating the tests.

Anyway, here I am ready to start writing tests. As I understand I have
to submit the patches to the mail list. The question is:

what package do I start with? Is there any preferences?

JS> FWIW there's a version of the Maven generated website here...


JS> (Notice the lousy clover test report coverage :)

Best regards,

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