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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject [JavaMail] re-engineering of JavaMail from specs?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 15:35:08 GMT
I have a question regarding reverse engineering JavaMail: what can I 
base the reverse engineering on? There are two places I can use to 
generate this information:

o The JavaMail specification PDF document
o The JavaMail API docs

My preference would have been to use the former, but there are a lot of 
things that aren't exposed in the PDF document. For example, the API 
docs have a class:

public class MessagingException {
	public MessagingException(); // and other constructors
	public Exception getNextException();  // get the chained exception
	public void setNextException(Exception e); // change the chained 

However, the PDF spec doesn't contain any indication of the APIs, and 
just infers that there is a class called MessagingException.

So, in order to meet the specs, which should I follow? Should I provide 
all public  methods listed in the API documentation, or just those that 
are directly mentioned in the PDF? My fear is that if I do the latter, 
then we'll end up failing the TCK since it won't have all the methods 
the TCK is expecting.


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