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From Adrian Field <>
Subject Project Naming -Apache Geronimo
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:34:52 GMT
Having read many of the comments on the naming of the project, my
contribution is that for any new product development, the suggested name for
the product should be tested against the following criteria:

1) Is it a trademark/ patent?
2) Is it suitable for what the product is/ represents in terms of branding
3) Does it mean something rude/ inappropriate in another language?
4) Is it culturally sensitive or associated with something negative?

Apache Geronimo, when compared against these, seems to only have potential
issues with 4)-
cultural sensitivity (I think a couple of posts are on the right track with
contacting Native American organisations to see what their thoughts are on
this instead of being subjective),
negative association- suicide in some cultures through history has been

Adrian Field

ps. Sorry to add more bandwidth usage to this discussion when it should be
about building the App Server, but just thought this might be useful.

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