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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject [Testing] New test directory(s)
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 14:37:43 GMT
At present, we only have one test directory in the source code. IMHO we 
need at least two -- one for the unit tests, and one for the 

Ideally code shouldn't get into CVS unless the unit tests run 100%; 
however, (naturally) we'd expect the use-cases to start off at 0% and 
climb ever towards 100% as the lifetime of the project goes on.

Can someone set up the Maven project structure to have the two types of 
test? If we can't have two test directories for source code, then can 
we agree on a naming convention like org.apache.geronimo for unit 
tests, and usecase.Xxx or test.Xxx (such as 
usecase.j2ee.ejb.DeploymentUseCase) to allow the two to be separated?

Also, if use-case tests are going to be different from unit-tests, do 
we want to use/allow a different suffix other than


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