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From Nick Faiz <>
Subject geronimo ran successfully - kind of
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 21:58:33 GMT
	Last night I built Geronimo and had it running successfully. Last
week, at the same time, I remember encountering issues; which might have
been due to my newness to Maven, perhaps.

	The build ran very well, I thought. 

	I did hit a HTTPClientException when I tried to connect to
http://mybox:334 . Am I missing any documentation about what admin URL to
hit - for e.g., /console , /admin , etc.?

	Lastly, how do we jump in help at such moments? Should I begin
debugging the exception? Should I document this?

Nick F

Nick Faiz
B2B e-Commerce Developer
Corporate Express Australia Ltd.

Phone: +61-2-9335-0495, Fax: 9335-0753, Email:


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