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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: Newbie stuff - implementing SMTPTransport in mail
Date Mon, 25 Aug 2003 09:28:21 GMT
> In simple terms, are we seeking to implement a system in which someone 
> can
> just run
> sed 's/javax/org.apache.geronimo'
> over their code which extends (e.g.) the JavaMail classes and have it 
> all
> guaranteed to work?

Yes and no ;-)  I would hope that someone using JavaMail would use 
factory methods to gain access to the underlying implementation.

The point is to provide an impl which can be used as a drop-in 
replacement for the Sun version under the Apache license.  So if I 
wrote a mail client which used the JavaMail API (following the spec) 
then I should be able to replace Sun's JavaMail jars with the Geronimo 
JavaMail jars and it should still work.

> Final question: When I throw exceptions, what are the rules for the 
> message I
> throw? Do I just throw natural language (English) strings, or do I 
> throw
> tokens which can be resolved for i18n at print time, and if so what is 
> the
> format of those tokens?

I do not believe there is a final resolution on this yet.  We will be 
moving towards i18n but right now not much (or any) of the system does.


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