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From "Adrian Jackson" <>
Subject RE: Q !
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 10:00:20 GMT
I guess it's time this one ended up in the FAQ as well...

Here are a few of the better answers that I've seen:

1) Diversity is good. Having multiple free J2EE containers should, in an
ideal world, drive them to improve themselves more. As long as there
isn't an outright 'winner' between the projects, then the only real
winner is the end-user.

2) Licensing. JBoss has an LGPL license, with all the attendant 'viral'
issues. Geronimo will have a much more flexible ASF license, making it
more of an option for commercial use.

3) Because it's there. Not necessarily the best of reasons, but one that
drives a lot of open source software - for a certain sort of person,
developing a new J2EE container from scratch is just plain fun. :)


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From: veresh [] 
Sent: 08 August 2003 10:14
Subject: Q !

Team ,

I want to ask why everyone wants to recreate the wheel ...
Why one more J2EE container ....when there are plenty in the market ...
Instead of developing a new one ... Why don't we contribute to a
existing one and make it more better ...may be Jboss ....what are we
going to get out of this ....


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