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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [JNDI] [Config] Configuration: flat file or registry?
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 19:30:43 GMT
You might like to put some of these views on the Wiki pages -- go to 
for more thoughts.

Note that the Registry as a backend may use a naming service like JNDI, 
probably on top of LDAP. So the backend mechanism doesn't have to be a 
DB specifically, though that may be supported by the LDAP system. 
Either way, it could use a DB that you provide, have its own storage 
format, or just use a flat file.

If you could add your points to the above Wiki page (or the pros/cons 
of the ConfAsFlatFile/Registry pages) then that would be good.


On Tuesday, Aug 12, 2003, at 18:37 Europe/London, Paolo Arvati wrote:

> I'm a J2EE developer and my primary platform is IBM Websphere.
> In Websphere 5 now you don't have DB for backend configuration (think 
> about
> it).
> I've worked with Websphere 4 (with Oracle repository/config) and
> administration of it for the last 2 year.
> However, I dont't like very much having a relational DB for the
> configuration management.
> Here my opinions on problems having a DB for repository and config:
> 1) Which relational DBMS could you support ? It is not a two minute 
> work
> supporting, testing and verifying.
> 2) Is it simple to install and configure the J2EE appserver or perhaps 
> do
> you have to master DBA and seurity concepts about chosen DBMS ?
> 3) How many sample.sql for first setup could you propose ? 
> sampledb2.sql,
> sampleOracle,sql, sampleMysql.sql ... clusterdb2.sql, 
> clusterOracle,sql ....
> 4) For little projects, what do you do if you begin in having 
> reliability
> problems with communication between J2EE appserver and repository DBMS 
> ?
> 5) In some companies you cannot choose a new DBMS: you must use the
> corporate DBMS, known and skilled. Think about a new license of Oracle 
> or
> DB2 for a Geronimo appserver installation.
> 6) From DB to XML backup and from XML backup do DB is simple for every 
> ? You don't loose anything ? Evaluate costs about development effort 
> and
> multi-platform and multi-architecture testing.
> Only few problems I've directly seen on my dayly job.
> Yes you could have flat/file and DBMS configuration at the same time,
> however you don't resolve theese problems.
> Best regards
> Paolo Arvati

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