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From "Ou, Rong" <>
Subject RE: [xmlbeans] quick heads up on experimental module
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 22:23:49 GMT
I played around a little with BEA's XMLBeans (
and it seemed to work better than JAXB. They do claim 100% XML Schema support :). Not sure
about licensing compatibility.


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> From: James Strachan []
> Sent: Thursday, August 14, 2003 5:17 PM
> To:
> Subject: [xmlbeans] quick heads up on experimental module
> I've just committed an experimental module called xmlbeans 
> (but kept it 
> out of the main build). What its meant to be is a set of 
> auto-generated 
> Java Beans that represent the various J2EE config files in XML. 
> (web.xml, ejb-jar.xml, application.xml and so forth). There's quite a 
> few these days.
> The idea was folks could use this little library if they 
> wanted to load 
> or mess with the XML config files & then hide the XML stuff and just 
> use Java beans. Also for folks wishing to do dynamic deployments of 
> EJBs or Servlets or MDBs or whatever they could just make a few Java 
> beans and invoke the right operation on some Geronimo 
> component / MBean 
> etc.
> Xmlbeans purely an experiment right now. I tried Castor and it choked 
> on the schema (have left the Maven goal in case anyones any bright 
> ideas). I tried JAXB and after some fighting it could do 
> ejb-jar.xml & 
> the j2ee schema but couldn't do all of them in one go. Due to the 
> distribution issues of JAXB today (which is apparently gonna be fixed 
> soon as it moves to Java.Net with a real open source licence) and its 
> large dependency list at runtime - maybe an alternative is in order.
> We could extend / hack JAXB to make simpler beans with less 
> dependencies. Or there's other tools to try yet - like XMLBeans or 
> Zeus. Or we could do XSLT on the schema documents to take the 
> stuff out 
> of them that breaks Castor.
> So various options really. Just thought I'd give folks a 
> heads up of my 
> little experiment. Any input / ideas / patches welcome.
> James
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