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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: [core] Directories w/spaces
Date Tue, 26 Aug 2003 13:37:34 GMT
On Tuesday, Aug 26, 2003, at 13:49 Europe/London, Jason Dillon wrote:

> Looks like the deployment system is not very happy with directories 
> with spaces in the path.  I looked into this some but I am stumped 
> with how to fix this right now.
> URI does not like a space in its spec, but URL is just fine with this. 
>  ServiceDeploymentPlanner is taking its DeployURL and turning it into 
> a URI, which fails if the URL has a space.
> I tried a few hacks to get around this, but then other bits of the 
> system fail from the space in the URL too.
> Is there a global solution to this problem, so we can translate a 
> urlspec into a URL which will also work for a URI and not break 
> reading content from file URLs too?

URI spaces should be escaped into %20 IIRC. So 'new URI("Hello World")' 
may fail, while 'new URI("Hello%20World")' may work. Of course, it then 
depends on the URI being properly unencoded at the other end where 


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