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From Michael Turilin <>
Subject Re[2]: "Virtual Hosting"
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 14:48:14 GMT
Borland Application Server has a similar feature called "application
server partitioning". Maybe we could borrow some ideas from it?

AM> On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Justin Ju wrote:
>> just like server cluster, but some environment context may be shared among
>> all these applications?

AM>         Ideally, it would appear to each application that it was the only 
AM> application running in the server, despite the fact that there may 
AM> actually be 3 or 4 or a dozen apps running in the server.  So if an 
AM> application crawls JNDI, it will see nothing but its own stuff.  If three 
AM> applications each declare a DB pool called "Database", the bindings won't 
AM> fail or replace other bindings, but instead each app will see only its own 
AM> DB pool.  If a user can log in to application A (and it's JNDI space), 
AM> that does not mean the user can log in to application B (or its JNDI 
AM> space).  Like virtual hosting, in the sense that as far as each app is 
AM> concerned it's the only app, whereas under the covers there may be loads 
AM> of them.

AM> Aaron

Best regards,
Michael Turilin

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