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From Jason Dillon <>
Subject Re: [components] - lazy loading...
Date Sat, 09 Aug 2003 07:52:15 GMT
> Imagine that rather than having a set number of configurations which 
> all load every service at startup, Geronimo could load just the 
> components needed to provide the services required by your 
> deployables...

I like the concept, but I am not sure how easy this will be to actually 
implement.  To make something like this work, we would need to load 
configuration metadata for everything on boot, so that we knew what 
components we had to work with.  I mean, how else would the component 
container know which components it had to work with to start the 
services required by the deployable?

> e.g. you are doing web development, so when you start Geronimo it just 
> loads the webcontainer component and deploys your webapp. You webapp 
> decides to load a javax.naming class so the JNDI service is brought on 
>  line, it loads a javax.mail class and looks up a mail service in JNDI 
> - the mail service is brought up... etc

Sounds like a lot of complex magic inside to achieve lazy loading.

> If we could lazily load services as required, startup time would be 
> greatly reduced, footprint as well, and the distributions complexity 
> too - since we could just ship everything and only what was needed 
> would be used.

Initial startup time may be reduced, but if an app requires JNDI, 
JavaMail or whatever, then the time initialize these will not change, 
we have just moved where that time is spent.

I do like the concept, but I think this may not be feasible in the 
short-term... though it would depend a lot on what we use for component 
management I would say.

Personally I do not believe that this buys us all that much.  While 
lazy loading may (or may not) be nice during development, in a 
production environment I would rather have a slow startup where all of 
my components are initialized and connected.

On the other hand, if the component container had knowledge of the 
available components/services, then was asked to deploy a web-app, 
which requires a web-container, JNDI, whatever, then then container 
could initialize and start these components automatically with out 
having to explicitly list them as components to be started when the 
server comes up.

I think to make something like this work it would have to be done at a 
component connection/dependency level and will depend much on the 
component container we use or write.


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