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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: Introduction and question re: JavaMail
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 11:54:02 GMT
On Thursday, Aug 21, 2003, at 13:39 Europe/London, Simon Brooke wrote:

> Secondly JavaMail. JavaMail (and the JAF on which it depends) are the 
> two
> remaining non-open-source packages on which my own toolkit
> <URL:> depends. I therefore 
> have an
> itch to scratch.
> Does Geronimo plan to do a clean-room reimplementation of JavaMail? If 
> so,
> does it intend a plug-compatible clone of the JavaMail API or simply 
> to build
> equivalent functionality?

I am working on a JavaMail reimplementation. Current stage is that 
we've got the API class/method-list complete, though there are a few 
parts of the API that still need implementing (e.g. MimeMessage). I'm 
working my way through those, since I did most of the original API and 
know what needs to be done in certain classes/objects.

There are other (larger) areas that need implementation as well; for 
example, we don't have an SMTPTransport (or NNTPTransport), or the 
IMAPStore or POP3Store yet. Both of these could be done separately from 
the API being completed (though you'd probably have to test with dummy 
messages to start with).

There's also the ideas being bashed around about introducing the 
JavaMail API JavaDoc into the interfaces, for help with documentation 
et al.

Those are some ideas of where we need to go with JavaMail -- any of 
those sound interesting?


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