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From Michael Remijan <>
Subject Re: Dynamic proxies
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 15:43:17 GMT
JBoss redid their classloader for version 3 and it is very 
counter-intuitive.  Basically, unless you use a jboss specific config file, 
when you deploy an EAR it will share classes from other ears!  IMNSHO this 
is a huge mistake.  The JBoss documentation says the classloaders were 
redesigned this way to more fully incorporate JMX.


At 10:20 AM 8/8/2003 -0500, Craig Wohlfeil wrote:
>AFAIK the spec doesn't outline how classloaders must work. In fact I think 
>the word classloader only appears 2 times in the 1.3 spec and doesn't have 
>anything to do with how a container must implement classloaders. However, 
>there are requirements for enterprise applications to remain separate and 
>independent and that pretty much means you have to do something with 
>classloaders but we have a great deal of latitude.
>Lyytinen Joonas wrote:
>>As far as I know, the classloader architecture is pretty much madated by
>>the J2EE spec, and there is not much that can be done with it.

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