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From James Strachan <>
Subject Re: Suggested coding convention: sort methods
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 12:54:42 GMT
Agreed - your IDEA can sort the methods quite easily in n outline view 
without requiring this coding style.

FWIW the order I prefer is

static variables
instance variables

static methods

public methods
protected methods
private methods

(along with static stuff first)
then looking at the top of the file you see the instance variables, how 
to make it, then what you can do with it in order as you scroll.

However its gonna be hard to reach consensus on this + IDEs can create 
these kinds of views for you anyways.

On Wednesday, August 13, 2003, at 01:44  pm, Adrian Jackson wrote:

> Eclipse users shouldn't care that much, since the outline view can be
> sorted alphabetically anyway. :) I think it would be nice if there were
> *some* logic at least to the code, but I don't know that I agree this 
> is
> the right approach to take - I quite like my accessor methods to be 
> next
> to each other, for example...
> Adrian
> -----Original Message-----
> From: Alex Blewitt []
> Sent: 13 August 2003 13:41
> To:
> Subject: Suggested coding convention: sort methods
> One coding convention I've used in the past is sorting the contents of
> a file into alphabetical order. Some may argue that it makes it easier
> to find things; some may not care. A few of you will probably say it
> makes it worse :-)
> One good thing about such a standard is that it is a standard that can
> be followed (and/or applied automatically to existing code). In much
> the same way that everyone working on a common coding convention will
> find things easier if everyone does it, the same can also apply to
> sorting the members.
> Eclipse provides a way of configuring the sort orders as follows:
> static fields (*)
> static initialisers
> static methods
> instance fields
> instance initialiser
> constructors
> instance methods
> A nice property of a sorted file when using a source code control
> system that diffs is that diffs between two sorted files are likely to
> be the smallest possible (and perhaps, easier to merge when conflicts
> occur).
> Of course, I suspect that many people will not be using Eclipse (or one
> that doesn't offer such sorting functionality) so perhaps this should
> be a recommendation rather than a standard, but if people think that it
> will make sense then we can work towards it. And it means if you add a
> few methods, trying to put them in the right 'sorted' place will then
> help.
> What do people think?
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