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From "Daniel S. Haischt">
Subject Re: CR/LF cleansing
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 19:07:38 GMT
Aaron Mulder wrote:

> Daniel,
> 	There another angle to this that I think you're missing.  If a
> Windows user submits a zip file patch and a Linux committer applies it,
> the line endings are still likely to come out screwy despite having a
> properly configured CVS client.

i am not missing anything. i was just assuming that most of the
CRLF <-> LF error will occure because of a missconfigured cygwin
installation. the point is that you can screw up CVS in many ways
and that this discussion exists since CVS was introduced.

a common source for CRLF <-> LF error are for example Samba shares:

  1) one checks out a CVS module under Windows to his home drive
     which is physically a Samba share. now she opens a SSH/Telnet
     session and edits the just checked out files using emacs for
     example. finally she does a commit on that particular UNIX system.

     i guess you know what will happen ...

     and believe me i saw lots of software developers checking out
     CVS modules to a Samba shares and editing files within that
     module on UNIX.

so which script will prevent you from people that are switching
between UNIX-Windows all the time while working on a CVS module?

what is my point?

i think that on should try to control the machine as much as possible
if you hand over the control to a script (such as the one in ...

  -> CVSROOT/commitinfo

... you will likely introduce other error sources. for example how can
you assume that if one hands you over a ZIP file that she created that
ZIP file on a UNIX system. in those cases you will always _need_ to
double check (additionally it would help to require patch submitter
to state whether they created the patch while working on UNIX/Windows).


daniel s. haischt

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