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From Jim Wright <>
Subject Re: CR/LF cleansing
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 17:55:20 GMT

Bruce Snyder wrote:

>This one time, at band camp, Daniel S. Haischt said:
>DSH>Jim Wright wrote:
>DSH>> Sounds like we need a line in CVSROOT/commitinfo.
>DSH>really? the CRLF (M$ Windows) vs. LF (UNIX) isn't
>DSH>that chalenging (at least for professional developers).
[snip interesting discussion of client solutions]

>Agreed. This must be solved at the *client* CVS level, especially
>if you're using the Cygwin CVS CLI. But, I'm surprised that nobody
>has suggested writing an Ant target using the FixCRLF core task
>( in addition to
>any client side CVS fixing.

I still think CVSROOT/commitinfo might be part of the solution.

I already rely partly on ant to filter modified sources before
commits, but I think new or enhanced ant tasks would be required
to reliably automate the whole process this way. You want to
only filter new and modified sources and you must do so last
thing, preferably by making a "commit" target depend on a "filter"
target and perhaps "build" and "test" too.

I use the command line CVS client (under Linux) and don't see
how this helps with a "client CVS" solution (under cygwin) but I
agree something is required on offending clients.

The problem is that clients differ and so must each developer's
choice of client solution. CVSROOT/commitinfo is useful as a
failsafe. It prevents commits where the developer is not both
professional and incapable of mistakes. This sort of mistake is
worth preventing because it obscures the revision history until
such time as revisions are outdated (never?).

For some reason I'm not receiving all messages on this
thread, so I'd better sign off and check the archives.
I'm not a Jakarta committer yet anyway.

My offer of help remains open. Best CC me direct and see
if it bounces.

Jim Wright

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