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From "Daniel S. Haischt">
Subject Re: CR/LF cleansing
Date Sun, 31 Aug 2003 15:36:50 GMT
Jason Dillon wrote:


> It is not just a client issue.  Patches that come in have bunk line 
> endings too.

i consider this a client _only_ issue, presuming the statement ...


evaluates to true. why am i stating that?

quote [1]:

  'I suspect this is because the CVS cygwin client has no idea
  it's running on Windows'

if the above statement is true and a developer creates a diff
for example according to the CVS Book [2] using ...

  cvs diff -u [file to be patched]

she, the developer, will use the Cygwin cvs binary which
thinks that ASCII files are stored with UNIX LF line endings
but actually all drives are mounted in binary mode or vice
versa (ASCII files are asumed to have DOS CRLF but all drives
are mounted in text mode).

so the essential point of the above statements is that if the
client is not configured accordingly, it will always mess up
files - no matter whether someone did a 'cvs commit' or 'cvs


daniel s. haischt



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