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From Kristian Koehler <>
Subject Re: DownloadTest Failure when working offline/ behind firewall
Date Fri, 29 Aug 2003 08:23:41 GMT

>> I also think that it shouldn't be the default to run tests during 
>> compilation/build. Tests should be something that a developer does 
>> after a successful build (of the entire system), as opposed to a core 
>> part of the build process.
> No - unit tests are part of the build process and they should stay there. 

We defenitly agree with this but this contradicts the idea of removing 
tests by applying local hacks, doesn't it?

> You could argue stuff that depends on external HTTP stuff could be 
> integration tests (which could be in another module). 

IMHO the respective test is not an integration test. It's just a unit 
test which depends on a remote HTTP ressource.

We still think that starting a local lightweight server would solve the 
offline/online problem.

Steffen and Kristian

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