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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [JNDI] Check-in of simple impl
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 11:51:14 GMT

Dispatch can go between contexts (and breaks every second servlet feature in
the spec).

Jetty already switches Sessions & classloaders as a request crosses
context boundaries - but not in a very extensible way.  Although a simple
handler (valve) could be added to do it.

Servlets can start threads, but the spec does not say if they inherit any
of the context.  But if inheritable can be done at little cost, then that
would be good.


Jeremy Boynes wrote:
>>From: Gmane Remailer [mailto:public=SUao4/] On Behalf

>>Of Greg Wilkins
>>For the web container, it is pretty simple to setup a threadlocal
>>on the way into a web application context.   However it is more tricky
>>if a servlet from one context dispatches to another context - 
>>as there may not be suitable cut points to put in geronimo 
>>specific handling.
> Do we need to switch JNDI context on dispatch? I thought that dispatch
> was limited to the same (servlet) context which would imply the same
> JNDI context (java:comp) This would mean setting up the ThreadLocal on
> the way in would be enough.
> Actually, I'm now thinking that it should be Inheritable - am I right in
> thinking that, unlike EJBs, servlets are allowed to create threads?
> --
> Jeremy

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