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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] [JSR-88] JavaDoc
Date Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:29:09 GMT
This looks like a task that could easily be split into e.g. 
subpackages/groups-of-files and done concurrently by a number of people 
eager to get involved, but not knowing quite where to start...

If someone just coordinated their registering interest, being allocated 
a package, pointed to Sun's API and the collation of the results, I 
think this could be done fairly quickly and painlessly - APIs@home :-)

If the process worked nicely for JSR88, it could be extended for all 
APIs that we need. This is one place where Open Source, particularly on 
a project with a large community, has an enormous headstart... let's 
leverage it.


Bill de hÓra wrote:

> Alex Blewitt wrote:
>> The only problem is that there's a lot of stuff to be documented; in 
>> JavaMail, for example, the API is 100 classes and around 800 methods 
>> -- even assuming a conservative 3 lines per method and 5 lines per 
>> class, that's almost 3000 lines of text. It's going to take a long 
>> time to put anything in there.
>> I'd say go for it if you're willing to put the effort in for the 
>> JavaDoc, but it should be a low priority overall.
> Alex,
> Agree on the level of effort involved, however I /believe/ it may be 
> the case that for a Sun/JSR API, you have to include the Javadoc (ie 
> the raw code isn't sufficient). I think it's worth checking what Sun's 
> lic policy with this.
> Bill de hÓra

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