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From Emmanuel Bernard <>
Subject Re: [common] code review
Date Thu, 21 Aug 2003 06:20:40 GMT
Jason Dillon wrote:

>> I'm not sure why we need the platform.Java class at all right now, as 
>> we only support 1.4, and our stuff won't even run on an earlier 
>> version.  If we do keep it, it should use a type safe enumeration.  I 
>> am happy to make this change.
> I would keep it, so that we can use it to detect the VM version 
> easily.  If you want to turn it into a type safe enum go for it.
Is there a reason why the jakarta commons lang package was not used for 
this kind of common jobs ?
o.a.c.l.SystemUtils give you plateform and Java version
There are also some NestedException stuffs (Even if using Java 1.4 
platform seems to be a better idea)


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