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From Berin Loritsch <>
Subject Re: Use of "Geronimo" as a project name
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 13:03:45 GMT
For what its worth, I agree completely with you.  Unfortunately, I am not in
the group who originally chose this name, and for a project in the starting
gates they are particularly attached to the name.  Go figure.  I mean, how
long has this project been incubated, and how quickly did they decide on the

Roger Ackroyd wrote:

> Jules Gosnell wrote:
>>'Geronimo', according to a quick google, is simply spanish for 'Jerome'
>>and was a soubriquet given, probably by Mexican soldiers, to a
>>particularly admirable Apache called 'Goyathlay'.
>>Since it is not a native American name and already in widespread use, I
>>really don't see anyone reasonable being offended by our adoption of the
> True. But is that the kinda wishy washy thing one might have to say and then
> be quoted by the press-corps when this thing gets wheeled out.
> Look at all the rest of the Apache project names and there is not one that
> links one individual in the history of any single nation until Geronimo. All
> of them are thing or place nouns proper or otherwise, and in my view that is
> the way it should stay. The names should be globally understood, globally
> neutral, engaging, interesting as subjects in their own right and in any
> speak. Apache project names in general adhere this.
> This project is still in the incubator. By implication meaning that there is
> a good chance that it may never hatch. Yet it seems to have already taken a
> name that holds some 'flagship' status alongside its parent Apache project
> and over and above all of the other Apache projects some of which are
> already earning their keep. What do you call the next project if this one
> fails?
> Does the Apache project seek all the Hollywood style 'razz-a-ma-taz' alluded
> to by Alex Rupp
> ?
> Why should it be such a honour? It could be taken to mean that the name and
> memory or Geronimo has been reduced to a mere 'thing'.
> Indian names for western concepts and articles have been around a long time
> 'Indian' motorcycles is one example but that died out or got sub-humed
> somewhere, 'Tomahawk' cruise-missile is another, but they dont usually come
> back at you. So many are used generically, but I still dont see that as an
> automatic justification to use them. It is all old time, old fasioned
> marketing crapola anyway. Apache project can do better!
> I am sorry Alex, you cannot assume the rest of the world is going to see it
> all the way you do. Your 5 reasons are almost entirely US marketing centric
> What does Geronimo mean to a person from the Indian sub-continent or far
> east? They are likely to do a quick google and find page after page of
> negative stuff about the American Indian in the history of the US. Lets face
> the fact that they probably wont get much positive. If they do the same on
> say Turbine, Tapestry, Jakarta they will mostly get issue neutral, generally
> positive facts about a place or thing.
> If somebody had suggested that name in Larry Ellison's office, I reckon they
> would be ducking flying mallets. Try a google on the word 'mallet'. That
> would have been an appropriate name because then you could have had a
> Weblogic-Mallet, JBoss-Mallet, 9Ias-Mallet etc. to give the press-corps with
> equal 'attack' in terms of beating the opposition, without any of the risks
> alluded to with the name Geronimo: A 'Warrior' in the truest sense, that
> lost.
> None of this of couse will make any difference and I dont think anyone is
> taking any notice, as Geronimo is already in the class and package
> structures issued thus far. The decision is taken.
> I for one think this naming decision is wrong. I hope it does not come back
> to bite either itself, or the Apache project as a whole.  Why does it even
> take the risk of being 'scalped'?
> If I am not the only one, then speak now or forever hold your peace. I
> recknon now, is about the last squeak for getting it changed. Otherwise, I
> shall consider the matter at a close for me and put up with it.
> Thanks if you took the time to read this
> Roger
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> From: "Shane Caraveo" <>
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> Sent: Tuesday, August 19, 2003 6:17 PM
> Subject: [geronimo-dev] Re: Use of "Geronimo" as a project name
>>IMO If it doesn't matter to use a non-native name for your projects,
>>then pick something non-native and avoid sensitive cultural issues that
>>would only provide the possibility of sidetracking the project.


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