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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: Servlet and JSP engine
Date Wed, 20 Aug 2003 08:03:00 GMT

Vikram Goyal wrote:

> Besides, there are several complexities with the plugging in other servlet
> containers. I am not sure how many of you have ever tried to integrate
> Tomcat with Apache or tried to embed Tomcat as part of an application. The
> embedding makes the control pass on to another applications space, in which
> we have no control or say. Ideally that should be the case, after all that
> is what OO is all about. However, an integrated engine, developed within the
> confines of the complete J2EE engine has a better likelihood of being
> robust, modular and performing better.

Which is why I am proposing using Jetty as the first implementation.
Jetty's bread and butter is integrating into other applications/platforms.
As the lead developer of Jetty, if there is something that prevents it
from being embedded in Geronimo is a robust, modular and efficient way,
then that is a fault in Jetty and I will fix it.

Note that I believe that under the hood - tomcat is also flexible and
embedable and should be able to equally integrated.  It is just that this
has not been tomcats main focus and any required changes will be of less
priority for them.  But I'm sure it will get done.

The approach that I wish to take - is to firstly define geronimos own view of
what are web containers, connectors and applications and to capture that in
the AbstractWebContainer layer.  This will be focused on what geronimo needs
as a complete J2EE engine and will not pander to any particular implementation.

Then if the jetty/tomcat implementations of this are not suitable
robust, modular and efficient - we can consider a geronimo native
implementation.  I may even consider donating Jetty to apache to assist
with this - but I think this is WAY too early to think about such things.

But I take your point - use of external implementations should not be
allowed to be an excuse for not having a top class, seamlessly integrated
J2EE compliant web tier withing geronimo.


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