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From Jules Gosnell <>
Subject Re: Servlet and JSP engine
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 19:23:20 GMT

The aim is to get up off the ground quickly, however the beauty of Open 
Source and the aim of the Geronimo project would not be to preclude the 
use of other web containers, but to encourage you to go out, build your 
own and contribute it.

Geronimo services will be pluggable and interchangeable. I'm sure 
another webcontainer would be welcome. It's simply that it is not on our 
critical path, because we already have two.


Daniel Hofstetter wrote:

>Hi Vikram
>>I noticed early on that a conscious decision has been made to avoid
>>developing a servlet and JSP engine and rather rely on embedding either
>>Tomcat or Jetty. Is this correct?
>Afaik: yes.
>>If this is the case, is there a rationale decision for this? If we are
>>developing everything from scratch, then why not the servlet and JSP
>>as well? It makes more sense than embedding other implementations.
>To create an appserver from scratch means not to reinvent everything :) (see
>FAQ: "What other projects will Geronimo reuse?")
>I think to develop another servlet/JSP engine isn't worth the effort because
>there exist with Tomcat/Jetty already good products. It makes more sense to
>concentrate the forces on a good integration of these components and, if
>necessary, to enhance them.

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