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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: [JavaMail] concerns
Date Tue, 19 Aug 2003 14:50:32 GMT

James Strachan wrote:

> Danny, I took a quick look at the JavaMail licence and its pretty huge 
> and I"m not too hot at reading big complex licences full of legal 
> speak. Could we redistribute Sun's JavaMail API in binary form as part 
> of the Geronimo project? If so could we also put the jar in the Maven 
> repository to avoid painful user-intervention to get Geronimo to 
> build? (i.e. so that the build process of Geronimo could auto-download 
> Sun's JavaMail API?). 

At the moment - no.
But there are discussion in process.

> If we can do the above then I agree creating a clone of the JavaMail 
> API with the various required implementation code to conform to the 
> API might not be a good idea - we might as well just use Sun's API 
> distro. I guess it depends on how we're allowed to reuse Sun's API 
> distro.
> James
> -------


Stephen J. McConnell

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