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From Bill de hÓra <>
Subject Re: Unix to Dos
Date Sat, 16 Aug 2003 19:29:08 GMT
Bill de hÓra wrote:
> Siva wrote:
>> Hi group,
>>     A question.When i update my local copy,Idea shows certain files 
>> with interleaved blank lines.Ultraedit says they arent in DOS 
>> format.Is it a problem of unix/dos character encoding?
> You might to say which files. Have you been using cygwin's cvs client?

Never mind, saw the files you mentioned and they all have garbage 
line endings (\r\r\n). The corresponding ,v files in the repository 
probably have dos linefeeds (\r\n) instead of the unix ones (\n) 
that cvs expects. *

If someone with commit rights runs dos2unix on the files or lets 
ultraedit do its thing, and checks them in with a windows client 
(not cygwin's), they should be ok from there. A script I use to 
clean up files is attached.

Btw, if you're using cygwin's default cvs client and are creating 
dos ended files do consider changing your setup to use cvsnt. 
Instructions to use cvsnt via cygwin are here:

Bill de hÓra

* The files in cvs repository had a \r\n probably because an import 
from a unix type client didn't convert the \r\n to \n. As a result 
if a unix client checks them out you get a windows file and if a 
windows client checks them out you get the \n converted to a \r\n 
and the files end up having \r\r\n (if my memory serves me 
correctly, I get this stuff mixed up ;). I have no idea what the 
story is with a Mac (things probably just work).

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