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From Robert Stupp <>
Subject Re: [JNDI] un-volunteering
Date Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:34:13 GMT
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I'd like to join the JNDI subproject.

But I think, an LDAP server isn't the right place to store the JNDI
environment in. Application servers have a global namespace and
namespaces for each J2EE container (web, ejb, client app, etc.). A JNDI
implementation for an application server has to be fast and fail-safe.

Fail-safe means: It must not be closed after being used - LDAP
javax.naming.Context objects have to be closed. Just consider code
samples found in the net like this:
javax.transaction.UserTransaction userTx =
~    (javax.transaction.UserTransaction) new InitialContext().
~    lookup("java:comp/UserTransaction");

Fast means: Lookups on the InitialContext are performed very often in a
J2EE application and even inside the application server.

Objects stored in an application server's namespace are either static
(environment specified during deployment) or dynamic (EJB home objects,
JDBC data source, JMS factories, etc.).

These "dynamic" objects are the complicated part, which cannot be easily
stored in an LDAP server - they are "functional" objects, which must be
serializable, manageable and they have to be notified upon deployment,
undeployment, container startup/shutdown.

When you think about a J2EE client application, it becomes very
complicated, because you have to "wrap" for example the JDBC data source
in the application server using a "shadow" data source object in the
J2EE client application's VM.

Considering the clustering/load-balancing/fail-over stuff, it would be
much easier to have a single clustered/fail-safe repository for
information, which has to be persistent.

Richard Monson-Haefel wrote:
| I removed myself from the list of volunteers for the JNDI subproject. I'm
| really interested in this and the LDAPd integration, but I don't want to
| spread myself too thin. I'm going to focus on Web Services support and MDB
| container system -- those subprojects should keep me pretty busy.
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