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From Robert Hellwig <bsdr...@Sun.COM>
Subject [Geronimo Newbie] Need some getting started info
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 11:30:58 GMT
Hi there,

I'm fairly new to this project. I have checked out the project, 
browsed/read the corresponding website/wikki/other info/mailing list, 
but was unable to find any pointer to 'what to do after executing all 
the maven related tasks which are described in the readme file located 
in the root project dir'.

What I actually want to know is this:

I have a servlet which uses some basic jms stuff (just making use of a 
queue connection/ -factory). I always test my app server installations 
by deploying this servlet. Can someone please explain to me how to 
deploy this war file in the running app server instance after I have 
executed maven run (which I assume is the command to start up the app 
server). I also need some info on how to configure the jms resources.

Are there any Geronimo related 'Getting Started Documents', like deploy 
your first hello world web app or do I have to take a look at the 
documentation of the projects being incorporated into Geronimo (like in 
my case documentation about Tomcat or Jetty for the web container, 
OpenJMS for the JMS)? Thanks in advanced.



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