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From Jonathan Duty <>
Subject Re: [JSR-88] Which Java Package?
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 02:12:16 GMT

How about


Let me know if I'm totally not understanding things (which could very well be).

Chris Opacki wrote:

>thats what i was thinking. I'ld like to give it a
>start as well. Need a hand? I was going over the specs
>some more...and some of the other specs. I'm hitting
>the sack for now..
>--- Aaron Mulder <>
>>	What Java package should be used as a parent for
>>the JSR-88 and
>>related code, including the server impl, tool impl,
>>and the actual J2EE 
>>deployment code?  ...geronimo.deployer jumps to
>>mind, but that seems to be 
>>taken by the things that deploys server components,
>>not something related 
>>to application components.  Perhaps
>>...geronimo.enterprise.deploy in 
>>lines with javax.enterprise.deploy?
>>	In any case, I'm going to start work on the server
>>side, since it 
>>sounds like others are ready to start on the tool
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