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From Mark Mahieu <>
Subject Re: Suggested coding convention: sort methods
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 13:57:29 GMT wrote:

>I'm also 1+ on consistant coding standards/conventions, regardless what form they take.
 Maybe I'm missing something, but what's the difference between automatically enforcing style
and manually refactoring a class to be in conformance with the standard?
Depends on the environment.  In one like this which is heavily reliant 
on identifying changes via line number references and diffs, any 
code-reformatting not done 'centrally' is just asking for extra hassle.  
I'm not saying it /can't/ work though...

Maybe the thing to do is look for some decent sized open source projects 
which have attempted to standardize on more than just the 'Sun coding 
conventions' and see how they've fared.  Anyone know any?


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