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From Mark Mahieu <>
Subject Re: Arghhh...Build Error...still
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:56:37 GMT
Weston M. Price wrote:

>	I agree with what you are saying in principle, however, one can't immediately 
>conclude that it is indeed a setup problem. In my case, I have never seen 
>this error message before. Believe me, I did some research on the Web and 
>found nothing directly on point. 
>	I suppose you could say that by the token no-one else seems to have this 
>problem it is something peculiar to my setup, but I don't believe that this 
>should require me to go post something on Wiki, hoping someone will see it 
>and offer some help as to how to resolve the problem; I think that this would 
>remove one of the most direct routes in getting help from the group in a 
>timely manner. Perhaps we could have another mailing list only relating to 
>build and configuration issues and post solutions and suggestions from that 
>list to Wiki. Further, these results could then go into the FAQ at some 
>point. What do you think?
I think what Alex is asking is that we document solutions to these 
issues on the Wiki *once* they've been resolved (assuming it's not just 
a peculiarity with your system) *not* that we don't ask for help on the 
mailing list at all (correct me if I'm wrong Alex).

If, for example, it turns out to be simply that a RC1 snapshot of Maven 
doesn't work but beta 10 does, the Wiki is a good place to make a note 
of that.


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