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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject Re: [PATCH] Was: JSR77 component lifecycle
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 03:30:13 GMT


firstly I was not the author of the original Component/Container
code... so I don't really know the answers to all your questions and
I too would like to see some more doco on it.

But the container/component thang is a pretty standard pattern and
can be found in most pattern books (can't remember the name but
it is probably container?)

Container are components so that containers can contain other containers.
eg J2eeContainer contains WebContainer contains WebApplication (which
may be a Container of Servlets/Filters ??)

I think there needs to be an AbstactContainer class to implement the
recursive nature of this.  Currently that is done in ContainerImpl, which
is not generic enough for me.

We also need a good policy on what is containment.   It is pretty
obvious that a WebApp is contained in a WebContainer is contained in
a J2eeContainer.   But we don't want to have services contained
by the JNDIService, just so they can get an initial context.


Sean Hamblett wrote:
> Greg,
> 	Quick question, I noticed that the Container interface extends the Component 
> interface.  Is this so a Container can be 'contained' by another Container?  
> And is the Component interface satisfied, because the ContainerImpl extends 
> AbstraceComponent which implements the Component Interface?  Just trying to 
> get my head wrapped around what is going on.
> 	If you can point me to some specific documentation so I can do some reading 
> on this, that would be great.  
> Thanks,
> Sean
> On Tuesday 12 August 2003 09:00 pm, Greg Wilkins wrote:
>>OK, I have an initial patch for this ready.  I can commit it myself,
>>but I wanted to post it as a warning as it has a few unresolved issues.
>>I have implemented the JSR77 state model in Component and AbstractComponent
>>For start and stop this was simple.   But I have also removed the
>>create and destroy methods for now.   I moved any create operations
>>I found to the start() (or doStart()) methods.
>>I have left destroy methods in the code, but noted that they are
>>currently not supported by the lifecycle.   I think they do contain
>>good cleanup code - but we could just rely on java finalize mechanism?
>>Or we could move the code into doStop to be symmetric with doStart.
>>I have implemented startRecursive in ContainerImpl - however, I really
>>think that we need an AbstractContainer class for this.   But this
>>would need a method for iterating over children in the Container interface.
>>As this is not there - I have not done this... more reading of JSR77 spec
>>required to support their container naming and methods I think?
>>In JSR77 there is no stopRecursive method - so ContainerImpl.stop is
>>actually recursive (which I think is the correct thing to do?) Again
>>this should be in AbstactContainer.
>>I'll give this a few hours for "DON'T DO IT" reponses and if I don't
>>get them I'll do the commit and we can work on the remaining issues.

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