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From Greg Wilkins <>
Subject [PATCH] Was: JSR77 component lifecycle
Date Wed, 13 Aug 2003 01:00:23 GMT

OK, I have an initial patch for this ready.  I can commit it myself,
but I wanted to post it as a warning as it has a few unresolved issues.

I have implemented the JSR77 state model in Component and AbstractComponent

For start and stop this was simple.   But I have also removed the
create and destroy methods for now.   I moved any create operations
I found to the start() (or doStart()) methods.

I have left destroy methods in the code, but noted that they are
currently not supported by the lifecycle.   I think they do contain
good cleanup code - but we could just rely on java finalize mechanism?
Or we could move the code into doStop to be symmetric with doStart.

I have implemented startRecursive in ContainerImpl - however, I really
think that we need an AbstractContainer class for this.   But this
would need a method for iterating over children in the Container interface.
As this is not there - I have not done this... more reading of JSR77 spec
required to support their container naming and methods I think?

In JSR77 there is no stopRecursive method - so ContainerImpl.stop is
actually recursive (which I think is the correct thing to do?) Again
this should be in AbstactContainer.

I'll give this a few hours for "DON'T DO IT" reponses and if I don't
get them I'll do the commit and we can work on the remaining issues.

Greg Wilkins<>             Phone/fax: +44 7092063462
Mort Bay Consulting Australia and UK.

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