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From Jonathan Duty <>
Subject Re: Deployment management using console and ANT
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 20:22:20 GMT
Hi Adji,
I'm from a group working on a verification engine that would check 
archives for validity and also be something that the deployment engine 
could be built on top of.  This validation engine would not only be used 
by the deploymentManager but could also be used by the DeployTool or an 
IDE to allow developers to "check" their app archives before they send 
it off to the J2EE server.

I checked out commons modeler.  Attached is a picture of what we were 
envisioning and how we thought it would all work together.  We are on 
the J2EE Deployment Manager thread.  Let us know what you think.


Labeeb Syed wrote:

>Adji, I believe so, it seems to be the current model
>we are trying to follow. Check the discussion in
>regards to the Kernel. Also there are some additional
>proposal made in terms of checking type mappings of EB
>and databases with constraints checks.
>--- Technology Evangelist <> wrote:
>>Hi James ..
>>Do we plan to integrate "Modeler" project as the
>>deployment manager which will interact with MBeans?
>>Have experienced using OC4J, SunONE, WebLogic, and
>>WebSphere. Compared to Borland ES, the deployment
>>cycle of Borland seems simpler and cleaner compared
>>the rest of other appserver. 
>>Any possibilities that during deployment process it
>>internally checks version, validity of descriptors
>>check any dependencies?
>>B. Adji Maharyatno
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