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From Jan Bartel <>
Subject Re: JNDI Impl
Date Tue, 12 Aug 2003 11:55:10 GMT
I have a non-persistent, in memory, dynamic implementation of JNDI for 
the java: space, including shielded java:comp/env spaces, that is used 
for binding services into the JettyPlus web container (eg DataSources, 
Transaction services etc) which I would be happy to contribute.

The implementation supports dynamic binding of Referenceables, 
References and LinkRefs etc. (and is also flexible enough to cope with 
the common error of extraneous "/" in contexts, eg java:/comp/env 
instead of java:comp/env).


Henri Yandell wrote:
> +1. Over time I would expect the maintenance/bug conversation to move to
> Commons.
> My particular jndi-impl is a bit of a joke in that it's a client-side only
> implementation that uses .properties/.xml as a store underneath it. But I
> wrote it because of how I felt a JNDI server should work in a container
> [and be usable without even a JNDI server running].
> Pushing Commons Lang out is my primary aim atm, but I'll grabb the jndi
> code to a laptop and take it camping with me this weekend.
> Hen
> On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Richard Monson-Haefel wrote:
>>I think its proper to discuss it on this list under some specific thread so that
>>everyone can contribute, discuss, etc.
>>"Kington, Max" wrote:
>>>Where would this live and would you take the discussion of it's development
>>>elswhere? That's not a request, that's a question, I've got some points
>>>regarding this pivitol point of J2EE infrastructure with regards to
>>>I just wouldn't want to miss the discussion,
>>>-----Original Message-----
>>>From: Richard Monson-Haefel []
>>>Sent: 08 August 2003 11:21
>>>Subject: Re: JNDI Impl
>>>The JNDI implementation I wrote for OpenEJB was really simple. It used a
>>>binary tree to locate sub contexts and cached lookups for speed. It wasn't a
>>>full fledged JNDI implementation in that you could not dynamically bind or
>>>unbind objects. The JNDI Environment Naming Context is supposed to be
>>>immutable after server start up. That's why its possible to create a very
>>>lightweight implementation that is easy to maintain and very fast.
>>>If you created a stand alone JNDI ENC it wouldn't be very useful outside of
>>>the J2EE context.  It may be better in the long run to have a complete JNDI
>>>implementation which is based on something in the commons. For the short
>>>term, however, we can use something more akin to what I created for OpenEJB
>>>-- its doesn't take long to create and is flexible enough to play nice with
>>>other systems.
>>>James Strachan wrote:
>>>>Just a thought - Richard do you think the JNDI is gonna need much hooks
>>>>to Geronimo or will it be just a 100% vanilla JNDI.
>>>>Am wondering if (say) Henri moved the JNDI to Jakarta Commons for us so
>>>>its easy to reuse (thanks Henri!), we could then add any extra stuff we
>>>>need inside Geronimo for now and if it turns out that some reusable
>>>>code can be pushed back into Commons we can do that too.
>>>>On Friday, August 8, 2003, at 08:04  am, Henri Yandell wrote:
>>>>>Am also a Commons committer, so can handle things like setting the
>>>>>up and website etc.
>>>>>I believe the person to speak to about the Tomcat JNDI is Costin
>>>>>Manolache. No idea if he's hooked into the Geronimo feed yet.
>>>>>On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Henri Yandell wrote:
>>>>>>I'm happy to help with the JNDI if required. Moving Tomcat's JNDI
>>>>>>impl to
>>>>>>Commons has been a 'how the hell do I approach that' task on my list
>>>>>>for a
>>>>>>I've also got a peculiar JNDI implementation
>>>>>>[] so might have some odd ideas to
>>>>>>On Thu, 7 Aug 2003, Richard Monson-Haefel wrote:
>>>>>>>I created a JNDI implementation for the Environment Naming Context
>>>>>>>OpenEJB that was simple and fast.  I think David Blevin's may
>>>>>>>modified it so that it plays nice with servlets in Tomcat or with
>>>>>>>Tomcat's JNDI implementation. At any rate, I would be happy to
>>>>>>>a similar implementation for Geronimo.  Should I plan on doing
>>>>>>>Anyone object?
>>>>>>>Richard Monson-Haefel
>>>>>>>Author of J2EE Web Services (Addison-Wesley 2003)
>>>>>>>Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition  (O'Reilly 2001)
>>>>>>>Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)
>>>Richard Monson-Haefel
>>>Author of J2EE Web Services (Addison-Wesley 2003)
>>>Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition  (O'Reilly 2001)
>>>Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)
>>Richard Monson-Haefel
>>Author of J2EE Web Services (Addison-Wesley 2003)
>>Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition  (O'Reilly 2001)
>>Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)

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