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From Jonathan Duty <>
Subject Re: J2EE DeploymentManager
Date Mon, 11 Aug 2003 22:08:04 GMT
Count me in on part I for now.  As things get moving I may move between 
I and III if we decide to use common objects between the two down the 
road.  Should we consider these projects running in parallel or as 
different linear phases?

1) research and development of Verification Module

2) development of Deployment module

3) Development of Deployment Manager (tie everything together)

4) development of Wizard (pretty gui stuff usually comes last)

Also, should we get a Wiki going?


Labeeb Syed wrote:

>So as per continuation:
>Verifier -> Deploy Tool -> Deployer.
>J2SDK SE: v1.4.2
>J2SDK EE: v1.4
>Next Step:
>We need some documentation on:
>I.) Verifier
>II.) Deploy Tool Wizard
>III.) Deployer
>The team for this (so far I believe it is):
>Weston P. (Part I)
>Chris O.  (Part III)
>Jonathon D. (Part ?)
>Srihari S. (Part I)
>Labeeb S. (Part III)
>Please forgive me if I left someone out or made a
>mistake in which part I thought you wanted to work on.
>I am also assuming the team which is working on the
>part is also responsible for its documentation.
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>>Just thought I should start a new thread....
>>My KMail was getting dominated!
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