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From Jonathan Duty <>
Subject Re: Where to dive in?
Date Sun, 10 Aug 2003 17:42:05 GMT
I feel the same way as you guys do.  I'm only 24 and Ive been a 
java/J2EE developer for 3+ years (I can write good code but I'm no god 
at J2EE), however, this will be my first open source project.  I''ve 
been wanting to get into open source development for a while but I 
really haven't found a project where I could get in and be helpful 
(especially since every project I've found has been going on for a 
while).  This project intrigued me because I could get in on day one and 
because I enjoy J2EE.

I think that if this project is broken up into modules it will not only 
make it more manageable but also give the newer people an opportunity to 
learn and maybe even contribute more.  This will give a new generation 
of java developers a chance to get excited about open source/J2EE  
development and keep the flame going longer.  And it will give the 
current industry geniuses a chance to pass on their knowledge and ideas 
to their profession. 

After following the posts on this mailing list the past few days there 
are some REALLY smart and experienced people joining this project.  If 
the younger/newer developers are given the chance to learn from them by 
everyone picking a module group to focus on, I can't image the knowledge 
transfer that could occur.  If not I can see the newer developers being 
pushed aside and thus being turned off to joining an open source project.

Plus, open source has saved my a$$ a few times in my career.  I would 
like to give something back to the community from which I have taken so 

Just a thought,


Weston M. Price wrote:

>	I am sort of in the same boat as John. I have about 4 years of J2EE 
>experience primarily in the WebSphere/JBoss space and would really like to be 
>involved in this project as much as possible. 
>	I understand that it is a goal of Geronimo to integrate as many existing J2EE 
>components (OpenEJB, Castor, OpenJMS etc) as possible, so I guess the 
>question is how does one become active in the development efforts of a 
>particular piece of the puzzle that is already somewhat mature? Further, if 
>new development is required for something how are the responsibilities going 
>to be partitioned. I would assume someone is going to be in a "lead" type 
>position for each module (EJB container, JNDI etc), but beyond that, I am 
>really sort of curious as to how others could gravitate to an area of 
>development that is either particularly suited to their skillset, or 
>appealing to them due to a particular learning interest. 
>Weston Price
>On Sunday 10 August 2003 04:06 am, John Wells wrote:
>>I'm not a J2EE expert.  I am, however, fairly experienced in the
>>programming world and have several years of Java experience under my belt;
>>portions of those years have been spent working with J2EE technologies.
>>That said, how can someone like me contribute to Geronimo?  I look at
>>involvement as a great opportunity for learning and contributing to the
>>community, but am very unsure where I can jump in.
>>Thanks for any input you can provide...

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