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From Richard Monson-Haefel <>
Subject Re: OpenEJB
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 19:14:47 GMT
I'm no expert in JMX, but I believe that OpenEJB could easily be adapted to
become a service (MBean) which could than seamlessly plug into any JMX system,
not just Geronimo. Provided that the EJB facilities in Geronimo work as
services, the architecture would already be in place if OpenEJB was to become
more up to date.  The current thinking now, however, is to create a new
container system based on an architecture that more closely related to what
JBoss did - Dain can speek more on this topic. I haven't seen it yet, so I'll
reserve judgment until I do, but I think starting fresh with good ideas from
both JBoss and OpenEJB development communities is a good way to go.  Both
architectures had advantages. It would be nice if we created something that
leverages all that we know about EJB container systems.

Aaron Mulder wrote:

>         You missed the fact that OpenEJB doesn't qualify as a "working"
> container...  And I say that as a contributor, not to be mean.  It's
> generally aimed at 1.1 and there are some major features currently missing
> (like security).  This is not to say the energy couldn't be put there
> instead of elsewhere to turn out the EJB container for Geronimo, but
> personally I'm waiting to see what the imported code looks like before I
> start arguing one way or another.  Ideally, we'd end up with the best of
> both worlds (or next best, two worlds that are drop-in replacements).  I
> don't want to see anyone's energy squashed.
> Aaron
> On Fri, 8 Aug 2003, Michael Turilin wrote:
> > Why OpenEJB container doesn't used as EJB Container in Geronimo
> > project?
> >
> > As I understand Richard Monson-Haefel now is in the team
> > and maybe he could donate existing and WORKING container
> > for further development and Geronimo won't need Elba and JBoss
> > to make it's upcoming components useful...
> >
> > Or I miss something?
> >
> > Best regards,
> > Michael Turilin
> >
> >

Richard Monson-Haefel
Author of J2EE Web Services (Addison-Wesley 2003)
Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition  (O'Reilly 2001)
Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)

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