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From Craig Wohlfeil <>
Subject Re: RES: Dynamic proxies
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 19:08:33 GMT
Wouldn't having a separate server configuration require a separate 
runtime? It seems like a mistake to require another runtime for every 
application that you have. There is nothing precluding you from running 
multiple applications in a runtime but you have to be wary of 
collisions. This is particularly a problem when you have multiple apps 
that rely on some commonly used third party tool like Xerces. 
Application A was written to use Xerces version 1, App B uses Xerces 
version 2, and the container uses Xerces for its config file and uses 
version 7.

Denes wrote:

> IMHO this is not a so huge mistake... If you think about the J2EE
> architecture, one of the goals is to provide a set of business
> components, which can be (ideally) integrated to create an application. 
> When you have several ears in a server, one could argue that these ears
> are different concerns about different features of the overall
> application. The application is not the ear, but the interaction of the
> several components that are in each ear file.
> If you want to isolate components, you should create different server
> configurations to isolate them.
> Denes

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