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From Richard Monson-Haefel <>
Subject Re: OpenJMS and EJB MDBs
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 19:08:05 GMT
Actually, I think all you need to do is to build a MDB container that supports J2EE
Connector Architecture 1.5 facilities for asynchronous messaging. If you build it
right, the MDB container would be capable of supporting any JMS implementation that
properly implemented J2CA 1.5. Not just JMS, you can support any async messaging
system like SMTP, SOAP, and what have you.

OpenJMS works and is available, so if those folks build a J2CA 1.5 adapter, then we
could just plug them into Geronimo and have support for JMS-based MDBs.  I would
also, as mentioned before, like to do the same or something similar with an e-mail
system ... like James.

Michael Turilin wrote:

> Hello Richard,
> Is OpenJMS primary JMS implementation for Geronimo?
> Friday, August 8, 2003, 3:21:49 PM, you wrote:
> RMH> A couple years ago I attempted to use OpenJMS to create a MDB container
> RMH> system for OpenEJB.  I couldn't do it because OpenJMS at that time did not
> RMH> support JTA resource API - this predates J2EE Connectors 1.5.  Does OpenJMS
> RMH> support this now? Specifically can it act as a 2pc resource?  If so, than
> RMH> perhaps the best approach to building a MDB container is to create a J2EE
> RMH> Connector for OpenJMS. That would allow it to be totally plugable rather
> RMH> than tightly coupled - I figure that's the way we would go anyway, but I
> RMH> wanted to raise the issue of OpenJMS not supporting (in the past) 2pc.
> --
> Best regards,
>  Michael                  

Richard Monson-Haefel
Author of J2EE Web Services (Addison-Wesley 2003)
Author of Enterprise JavaBeans, 3rd Edition  (O'Reilly 2001)
Co-Author of Java Message Service (O'Reilly 2000)

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