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From Tim Urberg <>
Subject Re: User Friendliness
Date Fri, 08 Aug 2003 16:40:58 GMT
Hello Everyone,

I'm not sure how much OpenEJB code we're using, but OpenEJB contains a 
web administration console which I have written.  It's written using a 
self-build Tomcat-like server and all the administration is written 
using Stateless Session beans.  It's a good start if we want to continue 
with that path.  Either way, I'm some of the code can be reused.  It 
contains deployment, list of beans deployed, graphical configuration 
(for Castor objects), log listing with color coded messages and search, 
list of system properties (I'm not sure how useful that will be), and 
lastly I've started a CMP mapping section, also based on Castor.

Again, I'm not sure how much this applies and whether not it's been 
migrated into the code base from OpenEJB, but we can certainly use it.

Let me know your thoughts.


Erin Mulder wrote:
> From: "Michael Remijan" <>
>>I think using the java.beans.XMLEncoder would be a great way to create the
>>files.  It would be very easy for an administration application and the
>>j2ee server to stay in synch.  Plus, ALL configuration options can be
>>easily documented using Javadocs.
> Whatever we use for the synchronization, we need to be careful to avoid
> WebLogic's config.xml insanity.   Development teams should be able to
> place config files under version control without worrying that minor changes
> through the mgmt tool will mess up all the ordering/formatting.
> Erin

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