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From Emmanuel Bernard <>
Subject Re: geronimo and avalon?
Date Thu, 07 Aug 2003 21:00:10 GMT
Some Reply-To issue

Emmanuel Bernard wrote:

> James Strachan wrote:
>> We're  in the middle of building a special kind of container, 
>> Geronimo.  Given time, Geronimo could end up being an Avalon 
>> container. Or it could have an optional Avalon module so some 
>> adapter/service could allow any existing Avalon container (or 
>> PicoContainer) to drop right in and so it could end up reusing any of 
>> the plethora of containers out there (off the top of my head there 
>> is... Phoenix, Plexus, ECM, Fortress, Merlin, Loom, DNA, JContainer, 
>> PicoContainer, NanoContainer - which are all different Avalon, 
>> ex-Avalon or PicoContainer implementations).
>> I'm pretty sure we'll eventually support (somehow) Avalon & Pico 
>> components in some way. Interoperability is a goal. Lets just leave 
>> the implementation time to grow first and make decisions based on 
>> whats best for Geronimo the container. JMX, Avalon and Pico are 3 
>> component models I'd like us to support - lets keep the container 
>> open first though until it gets the basic requirements (JTA, EJB, 
>> MDB, Web) sorted out. 
> James,
> Avalon principes and container implementation choices should be 
> separated.
> When I had a look at Avalon framework, I was please to find a standard 
> way to see and manage components. Leo already starts a + and - list, 
> so I won't do my own list, but I think using Avalon principles to 
> build a *component based* J2EE compliant projet with pluggable 
> implementation capabilities (as I can see in the mainling list), is a 
> good idea. Avalon guys already think about these kind of issues. I'm 
> not experienced enough, but It seems to be far more easy to start 
> Geronimo implems over Avalon than doing one and refactor later.
> If you think that available container impelmentations is not 
> *standardized* enough to start Geronimo on it, feel free to implement 
> a Geronimo one to start the project.
> Emmanuel

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