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From Alex Blewitt <>
Subject Re: Standard @version tags
Date Thu, 14 Aug 2003 16:56:27 GMT
>> I spoke up and said that I prefer this as well. But as I sent the
>> message it occurred to me that the reason this keyword is not being
>> used is due to the HUGE debate over the @author tag (remember that
>> $Id$ includes the last person who checked in the file). Jeremy 
>> politely
>> reminded me of this. Hence my vote of $Revision$ $Date$.
> To my mind, there is a significant difference between an @author tag 
> and an
> $Id$ tag.  I agree w/ the reasoning for not including the former.  I 
> do not
> think that this implies that we should toss out the latter.  The 
> semantics
> of these tags is significantly different.

They are, and in an environment where 'coder != committer' there's even 
less point in having $Id$ since it only tells you who put it in the CVS 
repository (and you can get that anyway).

Turning it on its head; what does the $Id$ tag give you that $Revision$ 
$Date$ doesn't, and why is it important?


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